At YIXIN Hotel we stress the importance of privacy and are committed to earning the trust of our guests by adopting high standards for the protection of personal information.

Our policy outlines the type of personal information we collect and receive, the circumstances in which we collect or receive personal information, the policies and procedures we have established outlining its use and storage, and for sharing certain types of personal information in certain limited circumstances, the procedures you should follow if you have any questions or requests in respect of your personal information or our policies and procedures and the person to whom such questions or requests should be directed, and the means by which to communicate with that person.

In this policy ‘YIXIN Hotel’ means YIXIN Hotel and its affiliated companies, as they may exist from time to time, which include, without limitation, the subsidiaries which carry on business that use the following names:YIXIN Hotel. The words ‘we’ and ‘YIXIN Hotel’ do not include third party hotel owners or third parties involved in the delivery of services, however we have requested such hotel owners and third party suppliers to abide by the terms of our Privacy Protection Policy.

In this policy, personal information means information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, e-mail address or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available and is not part of your work identification.

It also includes information on guest preferences and usage, when such information is supplied to or recorded by YIXIN Hotel in the course of transacting business with an individual.

The Privacy Protection Policy does not apply to information regarding YIXIN Hotel corporate customers.However, such information is protected by other YIXIN Hotel policies and practices and through contractual arrangements.


  1. By making a reservation or by using YIXIN Hotel services.
  2. By providing it to us in communications regarding service delivery such as comment cards.
  3. By visiting our website.
    Below we will outline the type of information normally collected in each of these circumstances, the reasons for doing so, how we will use it and store it.


When making a reservation or using YIXIN Hotel services it is necessary to have information in order to identify you, contact you and to process your purchase and requests.This information usually includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and language preference.It may also include, if you choose to share that information with us, your preferences regarding the delivery of your service such as type of room, type of bed, and the like.You may wish to have your purchase of YIXIN Hotel’ services recognized in a third party’s loyalty program with which YIXIN Hotel has a relationship.To assess your eligibility and process your reservation correctly, we need to record your date of birth at the time of booking.You may be required to provide personal identification with your date of birth in order to verify this upon check-in.

YIXIN Hotel is a family of management companies that manage hotels for third party owners. Your personal information is shared with the third party owner of the hotel where you intend to stay and those of its employees involved in delivering the service to you to the extent necessary for them to do so and to process the transaction.All hotels that are managed by YIXIN Hotel are required to agree to abide by the terms of this Privacy Protection Policy.

YIXIN Hotel may use the information you provide to send you offers and information about YIXIN Hotel services and those of select third parties.Your information will not be given to these third parties but rather the offer of the third party will be provided to YIXIN Hotel which will manage the distribution.


Information provided to us in such a fashion will be used solely for the purpose of recording your comments, communicating with you in respect of them, reviewing them with the subject hotel and hotel personnel, for the purposes of recognizing employees for excellence of service delivery and for developing improvements in service delivery.


  1. To establish and maintain a responsible commercial relationship with you and to provide ongoing service.
  2. To understand your needs and preferences.We maintain a record of the products and services you receive from us and we may ask for additional information so that we can serve you better. For example, we may record your preference for type of room.
  3. To develop, enhance, market or provide products and services.For example, we look at our guests’ use of our services so that we can better understand how to improve our services.
  4. To manage and develop our business and operations.For example we analyze guest patterns of usage of our hotels and services to help us manage them efficiently and plan for future growth.
  5. To meet legal and regulatory requirements.


We disclose personal information only in these limited circumstances:

  1. We may disclose a guest’s personal information to a person who, in the reasonable judgment of YIXIN Hotel, is seeking the information as an agent of the guest – for example, a travel agent who is booking a reservation on behalf of the guest.
  2. Personal information will be shared with theYIXIN hotel for which your reservation has been made so that they may provide the services you have reserved.
  3. Personal information may be shared with other YIXIN hotels so that they may better provide services to you in the event you wish to travel to that YIXIN hotel in the future.
  4. Personal information will be shared with a third party involved in supplying the guest with the services they have purchased to the extent necessary to effect the supply and the processing of the transaction.
  5. Personal information may be shared with a third party retained by YIXIN Hotel to perform functions on its behalf such as reservations handling, data processing or storage, guest surveys or research.
  6. Personal information may be shared with a public authority or an agent of public authority if in the reasonable judgment of YIXIN Hotel it appears that there is an imminent danger to life or property which could be avoided or minimized by disclosure of the information, or which disclosure is compelled by legal authority.

Any such disclosure of a guest’s personal information by YIXIN Hotel to a third party will be made only on a confidential basis conditioned upon the information being used only for the purpose for which it has been disclosed.


  1. YIXIN Hotel will not collect, use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose than those identified above, except with your consent.
  2. YIXIN Hotel will protect your personal information with appropriate security safeguards.
  3. YIXIN Hotel will take appropriate steps to protect the confidentiality of your personal information when dealing with third parties.
  4. YIXIN Hotel will strive to keep your personal information as accurate and up to date as is necessary for the purposes identified above.
  5. YIXIN Hotel will honour your request to access your personal information in as timely fashion as is reasonably possible.

You are always free to refuse to provide personal information to us.

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices or wish to make a request in respect of your personal information please contact our Privacy Officer info@yixin-inn.com if you prefer by writing us at:


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